The I Am Online Experience

I’d been running my entire life. Not literally running, of course. But rather chasing a peace that always felt just out of reach. If I felt rejected? I tried overtime to be more lovable. Faced with a failure? I worked harder to be perfect. Plagued with feelings of insignificance? I killed myself trying to prove to myself and the world that I was worthy of being loved. However, in the process of chasing after a secure identity, I actually ran away from my real self.

The truth is I didn’t like who I was. Not at all. I wanted people to think I was smart, strong and confident. But inside I cowered, second-guessed and berated myself for repeated failures. No matter how hard I tried to keep it together and “wow” those I loved, all I could muster up was “flawed.” The real me seemed determined to fail. And in my mind, the math of love required both perfection and perspiration. Thus, I unraveled.

It took a physical, emotional and spiritual crisis to finally stop my running. In that desert place, God forced me to rest from all my striving. And when I could do nothing to prove myself worthy, He loved me. That began a healing journey that continues to this day, slowly leading me toward the wholeness I’ve long craved.

If you’re tired of trying so hard to be enough and are longing to live from a core of solidity and confidence, then join me for the six-week I Am Online Experience. Jesus said it simply: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” {Matthew 11:28} Less striving, friend. More resting. Are you ready?


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About the Experience

Starting October 2, we’ll learn the truth about who we are together. No fear, no shame, no running or hiding. Instead, a journey marked by truth, grace and love. And peace.  

Over the course of six weeks, you’ll learn how to:  

~ End, once and for all, the barrage of negative self-talk and shame with an empowering new narrative.  

~ Refuse to ride the rollercoaster of others’ opinions and start believing what God’s says about you.  

~ Stop agonizing over past regrets and failures and make peace with God’s sovereign plan for your life.  

~ Abandon chronic insecurity, and instead embrace God’s personal affection.  

What to do:

1. Sign up for the I Am Online Experience on the form above. All you need is a first name and email address. It’s that easy.

NOTE: Already subscribed to my blog? Thank you! But you still need to subscribe to the I Am Online Experience, because I’m very careful to only send the emails you request. 

2. Make sure you have a personal copy of I Am: a 60-day Journey To Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is. I’ll be using concepts from the book and the Bible to facilitate real change. There’s nothing magical about me. But there is real power in the Truth of God’s word.

3. Consider inviting a friend (or three) to join you! They can be local or long distance, doesn’t matter. The point: There’s something powerful about learning together. My most radical and lasting transformations happened in the context of relationship. CLICK HERE to share this page and invite a few friends to join you!

4. Request access to the Facebook group (you must complete step 1 before requesting access to the Facebook group)  

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